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June 2012 Browser Stats

We were discussing whether we could realistically drop IE8 any time soon (hey, a man can dream) and looking through the usual sources of stats we wondered how accurately they reflected our audience of mainly UK-based charities.

So, we dived into the Google Analytics API and wrote a script to pull out browser usage from a variety of sites we manage. These are all UK-based charities covering a range of areas but mostly involved in campaigning and education. Mostly, but not all, based in London.

I had my fingers crossed that our metropolitan elite would all be using cutting edge technology that meant it would be HTML5 all the way from here...

First though - here's the worldwide browser stats from Statcounter.com.

Worldwide stats

Which surprisingly has Chrome slightly ahead of IE, but the figures are broadly similar to other global browser stat sources.

Our figures though are a bit different...

Our stats

Internet Explorer is still riding high at nearly 40% of visits. Interestingly the use of Safari is much higher on our sites than in the worldwide stats.

The various versions of IE break down as.

Version %
Internet Explorer 10 0.08%
Internet Explorer 9 28.18%
Internet Explorer 8 53.32%
Internet Explorer 7 14.97%
Internet Explorer 6 3.44%


So it looks as if we won't be losing IE8 any time soon.

Mobile browsing accounts for about 9% of visits across these selected sites. That's nearly double what it was a year ago - so whilst they are still in the minority it's definitely something to be aware of.

OK - well I hope they're of some use when you're explaining to your web developers why they still need to target IE8 for your charity's site (unless of course it's us in which case ignore these stats and let's do some cutting edge stuff...).

If you're interested in stats for even more specific sectors that we might be able to help with then get in touch and we'll help if we can.


July 2012.

Jul 6, 2012
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