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We do good things with technology.

We create award winning resources for organisations in the not-for profit, arts and education sectors. We've built campaign tools, webapps, internet of things gizmos, smartphone apps, and complicated data driven sites as well as great looking, usable and accessible websites.

We use technology to make good things for good people.

What we say

The question was 'Anyone know if there's an easy way of finding the altitude for a postcode? I want to find Britain's Highest Charity.'
Easy? Nah, but that didn't stop us.
Find out who's riding high in the charity charts

Sure we can make you a Facebook for panda pals, but just because we can build it doesn't mean they'll come.

Read about how we did more with less

What people say about us...

Well they liked the Our Migration Story site enough to give us a couple of prizes.

Public History Prize
Community Integration Awards

Who we've worked with*

We've worked with a huge range of charities and organisations over the last decade, from multinationals to one man bands. A few are listed here but I bet we've worked with someone you know - why don't you ask us about it?

* ok, probably should be with whom we've worked...

Friends of the Earth
Musuem of London
National Council for Voluntary Organisations
The Runnymede Trust
BBC Active
Channel 4 Learning
Forum for the Future
Food Ethics Council
European Centre for Disease Control
Partnership for Children
War on Want